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Framework for Candu reactor refurbishment

Bruce Power has signed a framework agreement with SNC-Lavalin for work worth up to CAD 400 million ($300 million) as it prepares for a major program of reactor refurbishment.

Preston Swafford and Mike Rencheck sign the framework agreement (SNC-Lavalin)

SNC Lavalin said it had been named an "important resource" for Bruce Power's engineering needs including field services and an incremental program to refurbish six Candu units. The company will be responsible for the tooling to remove pressure and calandria tubes, the installation of new components and the deployment and maintenance of a number of reactor inspection tools.

The framework agreement was signed yesterday by Preston Swafford of SNC-Lavalin and Mike Rencheck of Bruce Power. Swafford said, "We believe our role, if fully implemented in the first major component replacement project, will create up to 150 Ontario-based jobs at SNC-Lavalin and up to another 900 direct and indirect jobs across the province."

In December 2015 Bruce Power and Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator agreed to secure 6300 MWe of electrical capacity at the Bruce site, necessitating that six reactors there be refurbished - a major undertaking that gives a Candu reactor an additional 30-35 years of operational life.

In 2014 Bruce Power estimated the refurbishments will cost about CAD 8 billion, in addition to CAD 5 billion for other life-extension activities from 2016-53. About CAD 2.3 billion will be invested by the company between 2016 and 2020 as part of this plan.

BWXT is to design and manufacture 32 steam generators needed for the refurbishment program at a price of CDN 400-500 million. The first eight will be delivered in 2020, when the program begins with work on unit 6.

According to the province's energy minister, Glenn Thibeault: "Across Ontario, the refurbishment project at Bruce Power makes up to 23,000 jobs possible and generates about CAD 6.3 billion in annual economic benefits."

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