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The Preparation Meeting of the First International Nuclear Plant Operation and Maintenance Conference 2014 Successfully held in Shanghai.

On August.29th , the preparation meeting of International Nuclear Plant Operation and Maintenance Conference2014 (INPOM2014)was held in Shanghai . Shaohua Yan, division Chief of Mechanism Dept. of CNOC,Jisheng Chen , director of Electrical Subdivision, Chao Gao, deputy director of Electrical Subdivision,Du Zhou, chief engineer of mechanism Dept. and Kewei Wu ,senior business development director of INNCH International CO.Ltd. along with many other  experts joined in this meeting.

The subject of this meeting is to exchange the preliminary work of the upcoming INPOM2014 in Dec.11-12th 2014 and to share the opinions and experiences around the status of international nuclear operation and maintenance.

During the meeting, INPOM2014 got the full recognition and support from CNOC. Experts also gave a number of comments on nuclear power operation and maintenance which not only made a constructive contribution to INPOM2014, but also made a wider space for the further development of nuclear power equipment suppliers, materials vendors and other NPP MRO solution providers.

According to the experts from CNOC, so far, outsourcing is still the main method for nearly 70% NPP equipments maintenance and repair services in China. Therefore, they are more concerned about new Technology and new process of NP equipments, and are very willing to exchange and share maintenance and repair experience of NP equipments & materials during  INPOM 2014.

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