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Summit: The 4th Annual International Nuclear Plant Operation and Maintenance Conference (INPOM2017)

Summit: The 4th Annual International Nuclear Plant Operation and Maintenance Conference (INPOM2017)


Miss. Chen Pingping, Conference Producer, INNCH International


Mr. Guillaume BILLION Nuclear, Unit Deputy Director, EDF

Ms. Amaryllis LATELTIN, Nuclear Unit Procurement Manager, EDF

Q1: Is there any difference about nuclear O&M market between China and Foreign countries?

A1: In China the HAF certificate doesn’t concern O&M services, but in France the O&M market shall comply with the European Directive as well as design and manufactures.

For contracts above 400 thousands Euros, EDF calls for open bid (published in the official European Journal) for all types of services.

For most of the firm, for the French market, the bidders apply for EDF qualification before for the related services.

The qualification process within EDF is similar to HAF certification process.

And what important is that there is no differences between French, European or foreigner companies regarding competition and qualification criteria.

Q2:Is there any difficulty in nuclear O&M?

A2: 2 points are different in France in comparison to China. Firstly, EDF operates 58 plants, so the number of outage peak, can be 20 outages, it’s quite heavy job and France is not full of heavy industries as in China, so these peaks are a great challenge. The second point is that the average age of EDF fleet in France is 30 years, so the maintenance sometimes can bring some difficult issues.

One common point in China and France is that we both face now challenge of electricity market price. That gives some pressure and pushes us finding some new ways and new innovations, such as e-monitoring, to optimize the maintenance, and of course keep the safety first as our overriding priority.

Q3: Do you know there is a《Nuclear Safety Regulation》published in China recently, do you have any comments?

A3: The《Nuclear Safety Regulation》in China, We are concerned with Taishan, that we co-operate with CGN.

The first point is that, as responsible operators, we don’t only follow the rules, we must be responsible and pro-active in safety.

Since Fukushima, we have lots of challenges in the nuclear industry in China and France, that we need to manage as a responsible operator. The regulator triggers us and it’s good. Nuclear safety, it’s not just a speech, it’s also decisions of the management. Last year in France, EDF made some controls on steam generators on many plants, needing to delay outages. We lost about 10% of our production. This is an evidence of managing safety as the overriding priority.

Q4:How EDF evaluate the cooperation with CGN of building nuclear projects in UK, like Hinckley Point C project? What will be the greatest challenge on this cooperation?

A4: You know Hinckley project is a very good news for cooperation, and it’s good for us, we already had 20-year cooperation with China, we have the Taishan project, and now we have together in UK, so it’s very good news, EDF group and EDF Energy are very interested in CGN, because of the feedback CGN can bring from Taishan experience, that’s an important point. Also CGN started 5 plants last year and is good at managing such big projects.

Well, one of the challenges is that the UK safety context is different. Some design is to be modified because of some specific requirements. That’s one of the challenge we have. What is also important is to be able to go to Chinese, English, French together, three companies and CGN and also with the supply chain.


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