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Interview with Bruce Power: CANDU Suits China's Nuclear Plan

Summit: The 3rd Annual International Nuclear Plant Operationand Maintenance Conference (INPOM2016)



Ms. Cai Yuanyuan, Conference Producer, INNCH International


Mr. Len Clewett, EVP & CNO, Bruce Power

Q1: CANDU, comparing with other deployment-ready reactor designs such as ESBWR, APWR, PWR, what are the advantages that EC6 (PHWR) has in safety, operation and future maintenance for the NPP, as well as the economic efficiency?

A1: China is now doing a lot of new builds, and CANDU is a kind of nuclear reactor with its own advantages. One is it’s a kind of very safe design for its shut-down systems. And also, the other advantage is that it doesn’t use natural rich uranium. So it’s both of safety and economic efficiency, comparing with the other two designs.

We’ve learned about how China is doing in trainings for nuclear operations. It’s very impressive of how good they are doing now. We’ve made some contacts with nuclear operators at the conference as well.


Q2: Along with the nuclear new build momentum in China, as the leadership of BrucePower, how do you foresee the market potential of CANDU technology in China?

A2: I’m optimistic about the CANDU market potentials in China. CANDU technology will be one choice for Chinese for reasons such as, it makes more economic sense. And China has such an aggressive plan for nuclear new builds that there’s still some room for China to use multiple nuclear technology platforms, while they develop their indigenous technologies such as HPR1000 and CAP1400. CANDU will still be suited with China’s development plan in future.


Q3: And as an important member of Canada’s nuclear industry which had assisted China in developing its first CANDU-6 technology reactor (Qinshan Phase III(Units 4 and 5)), while Bruce Power is noted for its rich experience inmaintenance outage as well as its Healthy Nuclear Safety Culture, what kind of strategy does Bruce Power have in further maintenance with China’s nuclear operators?

A3: We really value the relationship with China and China community, as I’venoted, we are all members with CANDU group. We’ve been sharing international practices and operating experiences with China for many years and that’s partof the reason of my being here. For example, we’ve been working with CNNC for many years and we’ve established a long and successful relationship with them. Nowadays, a lot of good things are happening in China and a lot of things with CANDU and I want to share them with the Chinese side. We are both looking for contacts with nuclear operators and contacts with Beijing government, from the utility aspect and also from the aspect of contract suppliers. I think it’s important to keep contacts with China at all-round levels.

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