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China has set out massive capital investments on transport infrastructure and utilities over the next few years under its twelfth Five-Year Plan. This huge pipeline could prompt local regional governments (LRGs), logistics companies, and utilities to seek new funding sources, in addition to bank loan financing.

The LRG funding model may not be sustainable over the medium-to-long term. LRGs traditionally rely on buoyant revenues from strong growth in land prices to finance their infrastructure projects.

Now, with property prices becoming hardly affordable for many Chinese and the property market cooling, this revenue source might not be sufficient to finance new infrastructure projects. Furthermore, any sustained economic slowdown in China will likely further constrain their financing capability.

Certain sectors might win the race to attract private financing. Globally, private investors look at the utilities sector favorably. On the other hand, the transport sector has seen a mix of funding and financing approaches, with airports, ports, and toll roads being more attractive to private investors compared to railroads. Meanwhile, funding for water utilities and social infrastructure remains the domain of local or national governments.

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