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INNCH International is a professional consulting and business event leader based in China. We have developed internal focus and expertise to assist in 9 industry sectors, especially in NUCLEAR and PHARMA. Not like others, INNCH staff learns to know customer needs, find solutions to meet your needs, and help you to achieve the goals. We are unique to use our creative event platform to ensure your global image and brand

Most of our business events are attended byCxO level people fromglobal leading companies. Our target is to bring industry brains together and share big ideas in the same platform. Thanks to our professional and highly experienced team, who conducted a scientific and technical systems-based approach to every event, all of our events have built a long-standing reputation and deeply impressed by key players in relevant industries.

Nuclear New Build (NNB) Series Events

NNB series events are greatly organized together with China government organizations (NNSA, NSC, and Energy Research Institute of NDRC), state-owned giants (CNNC, SNPTC, CGN, CPI and Huaneng group), national and international associations (China Nuclear Energy Association, APE...

WPCS Series Events

WPCS series events are organized together with SAPA and USCACA.It has been witnessing rapid and robust growth of China’s new drug innovation process. WPCS attracts more than 1000 scientists and specialists in the pharmacuetical and life science industry from 28 countries and r...

The Preparation Meeting of the First International Nuclear Plant Operation and Maintenance Conference 2014 Successfully held in Shanghai.
China's Xi hails 'new horizons' in ties with Argentina
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