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Our consulting services include product market analysis, customized database marketing campaign, nuclear certification application, and agent service. We established an advisory team who are working for government organizations, leading companies, NGOs and educational institutes in targeted industries.It makes us more competitive in the growing industry markets. We help to deal with strategic issues and add values to your business expansion.

Product market analysis
Through direct advice and guide, we help our clients realize the market trend and capacity for your products in China and how you can overcome the difficulties and achieve the goals.

Database marketingcampaign
We have great amounts of classified database from our long relationship attendees of our event. We can help you to reach the true decision makers of your business partners through our database for marketing campaign. It makes you more outstanding than others.

Nuclear certification application
In nuclear sector, you need to apply for both international and local certifications to verify your product ability and leadership in the market. As China government is conducting a localization policy, it is surely essential for you to apply for a local certification to meet the requirement. We are able to provide you the detailed process and right entrance to get it done. It shortens your time and saves your resources.

Agent service
We are open to act as your agent or distributor for your product promotion in China. Since we keep a good relationship with China government and leading companies, our service will expand your market share in China.

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