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INNCH industry events range from industry background investigation, event planning, program designing and developing, speaker invitation, event sales and marketing, registration, venue services, and logistics. All of our members have a deep understanding in different industry markets. Through our broad business networks, we provide a whole solution to simplify your business. Our conference is a real place where you may meet your customers face-to-face to learn,to gain knowledge, to do business and to get final contract.
Great event brand
We have been highly successful in establishing excellent relationships with key clients and talented candidates. Well organized conference with 70% return customers each year.
Limited key-note speech
A key-note presentation opportunity can make your voice heard by government regulators and business partners. You may demonstrate your products and services to your prospects through a vivid way.
Partnership meeting
It is a prescheduled one-on-one meeting with your business counterparts.You may promote and sell your services and productsdirectly to the true decision makers during this unique conversation.
Cocktail party
Exclusive opportunity will be offered,enablingyou to network with your potential customersand maximize the value of your time.It is a good place to make friends and to do business with a relaxing and happy environment.
Exhibiting program
Showcase your product profile and stimulateinteraction with delegates at your booth inthe networking area.It attracts all eyes and is a better exposure of your product to the targeted clients.
Industry news updates
Weekly news updates to you with important activities happened in the related industry sectors. It is a free and value added service from us.
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